The Sims 4: Affective v1.0

The Sims 4: Affective v1.0

If you remember in The Sims 4 Gamescom 2013 Press Conference there was said:
In The Sims 4, emotions influence the gameplay not just in this moment, but down the line.

Similarly, early advertisements of The Sims 4 made mention of a “ripple effect” that would effect the future of your Sims:
Through powerful new creative tools and dynamic, emotion-rich gameplay, every relationship is interwoven to create a ripple effect that shapes the life journey of the Sims.

Unfortunately, many of us misinterpreted this as meaning emotions experienced at a current time would carry over into the future of a Sim’s life.

This mod makes this desire real.

Sims will now remember their past experiences with a brand new feature for the game, lifetime emotions.
Sims who are in certain emotional states will accumulate points that contribute to that Sim’s lifetime emotion score.
Lifetime emotion scores are stored in the “Skills” tab.
In order for lifetime emotion scores to blend in with the game, included is an additional mod that renames the “Skills” tab to “Development”; Note: This effects English users only!
Sims who are level 2 or above will earn occasional Moodlets of the associated emotion. The higher the score, the stronger the Moodlets.
Sims in younger life stages will build lifetime emotions faster than older Sims.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters individual emotion buffs (except for those that alter Happy, Uncomfortable or Dazed, which are not altered by this mod).


The Sims 4: Affective v1.0

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