Motorcycle v1.0

Motorcycle v1.0

Cool motorcycle Honda. This motorcycle is aggressive and powerful. It is combining exceptional performance and handling with a satisfying ability to extract the very best from every rider.

Mon Ami.

Motorcycle v1.0a

Motorcycle v1.0c

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  1. karupin says:

    Can the motorcycle be downloaded freely? I don’t know how..the downloads button above keep trying to install apps my laptop rejected.

    The bike is cool though, wish I could have it in my game..have been looking for it for a while.

    1. Daumis says:

      This motorcycle mod is free to download, but the link is only available to members of this website.

  2. Alistair says:


    I am trying to get in touch with Mon Ami. I was just wondering if you had an E-Mail address for her.I am trying to contact as she made MOTORCYCLE V1.0 for The Sims 3 & I am looking for someone to build me a Custom Harley Davidson Fatboy.

    Like the one that Mickyss had made & Vovillia has recolored on Modthesims for the sims 2. Mickyss is no longer able to be contacted so I am having to get one made from scratch.

    I would be very grateful if you could contact me via my E-Mail address above with the information or if you could get her to contact me through my E-Mail I would be very very grateful.

    Very Kind & Very Best Regards


    1. Alistair says:

      Thank you very much for responding to my Comment. I did not get the information I was looking for but it dose not matter now as I have found someone who is building my Custom Motorcycle Request. Thank you once again

      Very Kind & Very Best Regards


  3. Alistair says:

    Ok there has now been a change of plan. I am now looking for someone who can build My Sims 3 Custom Harley Davidson Fatboy Screamin Eagle. As the person I had found has let me down. I am also still trying to find a contact for Mon Ami the Creator of this original MOTORCYCLE V1.0. As no one has still properly answered my Question.

    Very Kind & Very Best Regards


    1. Daumis says:

      Alistar, your plan sounds really ambitious. Are you sure about harley davidson scream eagle mod for sims 3 game?

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