Hummer H2 SUT v1.0

Hummer H2 SUT v1.0

This Hummer H2 SUT belongs to strong, functional and durable vehicle with original design. With a ground clearance of almost ten inches, the Hummer H2 SUT as a real man can easily maneuver over obstacles and streams, hills and etc. Enjoy!

Fresh Prince.

Hummer H2 SUT1 v1.0

Hummer H2 SUT2 v1.0

Hummer H2 SUT3 v1.0

Hummer H2 SUT4 v1.0

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  1. RJ says:

    Can you convert this for sims 4? please

    1. Daumis says:

      Hi RJ, This mod type should definitely be created for sims 4 also. Whens it’s ready I will personally make sure to notify you ASAP.

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