Adult Trait Pack v1.0

Adult Trait Pack v2.0

This mod adds adult trait pack which includes 5 traits: slut, horny, nymphomaniacs, attention whore and quicky getter.


A simple lifestyle trait that can lead to social/love issues but bring a lot of fun in the sheets.

-More fun during woohoo
-Usually flirty mood
-Wants sex/flirt often

-Social problems
-Fun decays quicker


Here’s the second trait. Always looking to woohoo and fun decays quicker than normal by a bit due to lack of ‘fun’.

-Always horny

-fun decays quicker than normal by a bit


Nymphomaniacs are Sims who crave and live sex. All they know is sex, all they want is sex. If they do not get it, they’ll ‘die’!
So keep an eye out for these types, you may end up having a sore pelvis in the morning.

-energy decays less due to their high endurance from constant sex
-social decays a bit slower due to their outgoing nature
-Easier to gain charisma, fitness, and mischief skills
-Relationships increase more quickly due to their easy leg spreading
-Relationships decrease slower since they’re more than likely to encounter the same Sim again for ‘fun’

-Fun decays a bit quick due to them needing sex constantly so when they’re not having ‘fun’ they’re not having fun
-Commitment issues
-Romance decreases quicker because they’re not looking for love but for fun

Attention Whore

Attention Whores are all about being the center of attention.
If they’re not being looked at they will do something drastic to get people to watch them.
It’s rather pathetic, but if you ignore them long enough they may end up doing things.
Very naughty things they may end up regretting for the rest of their natural born lives.

-Advantage in entertainer career
-social need decreases less often
-comedy, charisma, and mischief increase quick
-relationships increase quick and decrease slower over time

-Fun need decays quickly
-harder to build romantic relations and fade quick

Quicky Getter

-fun, social, and energy needs decay slower
-mischief and charisma skills increase quicker
-quick to build friendship and romantic relations

-quick to lose friendship and romantic relations


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AUTISM [Custom Trait]

autism all sims mods 1

I created this custom Trait for those that want to have it in their game. I for one would want this in my game if I were to create my real family. I have a stepbrother that has Autism. I have Asperger’s. Which is also on the Autism Spectrum as well only it on the higher end of it. My stepbrother has only autism. It would be best to have one created for just Autism.

This trait is basis off a family member. I am no this spectrum as well. It just on a high end of it. He is allowing me to use some of his problems and what he is good at. I have to thank him for allowing me to do this. Autism have trouble with Social skills. They do repeated activities. They only talk about certain topics.


autism all sims mods 2

autism all sims mods 5

autism all sims mods 4

autism all sims mods 3

autism all sims mods 6

Ultimate Beauty Career

Ultimate Beauty Career


*** Created with Seasons and Game Version (August 16, 2018 Update) ***
PLEASE NOTE: You WILL need the current Neia Career Commons file (included in download) also!
Get to Work, Outdoor Retreat or Spa Day recommended for advancement in some paths, but not required for the career to work (see spoiler).

Hairdressing is routinely voted as one of the happiest jobs in the world, winning votes for job satisfaction, creativity and being getting to use your skills every day. Even in tough economic times, people want to get their hair done. In terms of job security, hairdressers and undertakers are pretty much guaranteed a job for life! So yeah. Being a hairstylist is cool(!) and there are so many ways to be a part of the beauty industry, it seemed like a great pick for an “Ultimate” career.

The pay levels are based around EA more so than real life until you get to the upper upper levels, so you don’t have to cheat to live. Those upper upper levels are based on research (and are even a little low in some cases). There is no PTO accrued while you’re a cosmetology student by design. And finally, this career is Base Game compatible, but SOME paths require the packs above to advance without using the cheat code provided because those skills came with expansions. I don’t want to leave my Base Game folks out, but I also don’t want to use the same skills over and over. Using them in some paths and not others is the compromise.

The Ultimate Beauty Career

Looking good is good business. Hairdressing is only a part of it. Beauty is a billion-dollar industry with multiple segments and career paths. The client base is everyone and never ending and the pay can substantial. Plus, the beauty industry is all about making people look and feel great! Sounds like a career that’s full of win.
Want Career Details? Click the Spoiler!