Nude: Artful Nudes

Artful Nudes  1

They are based on the Superasymetry painting in the base game and use that mesh. There is a Flirty aura which can be enabled.

Nude: Nude massage, sauna, mudbath

Nude massage, sauna, mudbath  1

This package was created using the Sims 4 Package Editor and scumbumbo’s XML Extractor. The tuning fix is based on tralaladida’s excellent previous mod and implemented using plasticbox’s tutorial.

Nude: Nude Woohoo

Nude Woohoo 1

Tuning fix to have Sims use naked outfits for Woohoo in bed and hot tub, updated for the December 4th, 2015 patch (v1.13).

Nude: Nudists

Nudists  1

Nude clothing for both genders and ALL ages. Child Female Tops: Tops – Tanks Adult Female Tops: Tops – Brassieres Child and Adult, Male and Female Bottoms: Bottoms – Underwear