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  • Zipra Lingerie UPDATED!

    Zipra Lingerie UPDATED!

    This is one that I’ve gotten a lot of questions about – the top and bottom of the Zipra Lingerie set. They’re the second set of my old CC put up for download again! I removed the stockings since they were nothing special.

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  • Alluring Sheer Lingerie

    Alluring Sheer Lingerie  1

    Perfect for a relaxing night watching movies or a romantic tryst with a significant(or not) other. Tagged for Teen, Young Adult and Adult and found under Lingerie in Sleepwear. Requires Get Together.

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  • Mistress PVC Set

    Mistress PVC Set

    Base Game Compatible For Teen – Elder Females Corset X | Corset Bare | G-String | Boots | Gloves | Blindfold This is a standalone item, and will not override any other items.

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  • Wool Lingerie

    Wool Lingerie

    A sexy and cute wool lingerie with 2 different style of bras. 4 swatches,stanlone with custom thumbnails. Author: Puresim