Sims 4 mods: Haute Couture Lingerie v3

Haute Couture Lingerie v3

A recolor of the Lingerie Corset from base game. I added a more realistic texture, similiar to silk cloth. Hope you will enjoy it.

Sims 4 mods: S4 Bandage Halter Outfit

S4 Bandage Halter Outfit

-a lovely unique cut out halter bandage style bodysuit/lingerie/swimsuit for your female sims. -cas thumbnail -10 colours

Sims 4 mods: Lace Bodysuit

Lace Bodysuit

A fully lace bodysuit with straps Comes in 7 colors and is an accessory as well as a full body outfit Make sure to wear a nude bottom/top with the accessory version!

Sims 4 mods: MP Lingerie Romper

MP Lingerie Romper

~Teen to Elder sims ~For woman only ~8 colour swatches ~CAS thumbnail ~Can be found in the Everyday, sleep and Party clothing section.