• Cool Stuff
  • Erotic Bondage Chair v1.0

    Erotic Bondage Chair v1.0

    Information: Erotic bondage chair naughty stuff for your Sims 4 game. One hand will be free for the passionate hand massage You can find this item in Comfort/Chairs. This mod works with the Spa Day Pack. Authors: Julie J.

  • Cool Stuff
  • The Iron Throne v1.0

    The Iron Throne v1.0

    Information: The Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. This is a little high poly so don’t go crazy placing 50 iron thrones around the house. It’s an armchair, a little on the expensive side but that’s the iron throne for ya! Located in Comfort> Living Chairs with a cost of 1’200 simoleons. Authors: LOolyharb1.

  • Furniture
  • Minimalist Bathroom v1.0

    Minimalist Bathroom v1.0

    Information: Minimalist bathroom set that includes 17 items: Bathtub (4 colors) – Sink (4 colors) – Shower freestanding – Toilet (4 colors for the Lid) – Endtable with small plant (4 Colors) – Cabinet with Mirror (4 Colors) – Wallmirror (4 Colors) – Glass Shelf (Display) – Toilet brush – Soap Dispenser – Glass Holder […]

  • Cool Stuff
  • Working Medicine Cabinets v1.0

    Working Medicine Cabinets v1.0

    Information: This mod adds a “Take Medicine” interaction to the game’s bathroom medicine and sink cabinets. The sim will purchase the medicine for the regular 50 simoleons and take it immediately. For safety reasons, children will be unable to take medicine from the cabinet unless they are actually ill, and the standard timeout for teen […]

  • Decor
  • Freezer Bunny Ice Cream Set v1.0

    Freezer Bunny Ice Cream Set v1.0

    Information: You get all of the items shown in the last picture of this photo set. You will get the building itself and sim wearing the Freezer Bunny Ice Cream Stand Uniform. Authors: SimDoughnut.

  • Furniture
  • Punching Bag Set v1.0

    Punching Bag Set v1.0

    Information: This punching bag set features characters for your sims’ fist: Miley Cyrus, Obama, Zombie, Osama, Geek, Justin Bieber, Kim and Ronald. Just punch like a normal punching bag. Punch em’ in the face! Authors: hydramordor.

  • Furniture
  • Carved Bed v1.0

    Carved Bed v1.0

    Information: This mod adds recolored the Princess Cordelia Galleon bed, with a texture that makes it seem as though a design has been “carved” into the frame.It’s meant to make the bed seem fancier, more luxurious. This mod contains 10 versions of bed. Authors: Sims4mods.

  • Furniture
  • Elegant Dinning Room v1.0

    Elegant Dinning Room v1.0

    Information: Special Christmas mod – elegant dinning room. In this elegant dinning room set you will find a large classy dining table, elegant chairs, a big china cabinet to store all what you want or the decorative tableware included, a full decorated Christmas tree, and various gift boxes to stack on each other. Authors: Canelline.