Cool Stuff: Durex Box Set v1.0

Durex Box Set v1.0

Information: Durex box set that includes 12 variations of condoms. You can buy it for 15 Simoleons, also it adds +1 to the environment. Perfect for creating a Sex Shop for future expansion. Authors: Chocola_Vanilla.

Cool Stuff: X Tape v1.0

X Tape v1.0

Information: Sexy X tape for male and female. Authors: SrslySims.

Cool Stuff: AutoSave v1.0

AutoSave v1.0

Information: This mod allows periodic saving of your game without interrupting it. Authors: sachamagne.

Cool Stuff: Erotic Bondage Chair v1.0

Erotic Bondage Chair v1.0

Information: Erotic bondage chair naughty stuff for your Sims 4 game. One hand will be free for the passionate hand massage You can find this item in Comfort/Chairs. This mod works with the Spa Day Pack. Authors: Julie J.

Cool Stuff: Cheater Mod v1.0

Cheater Mod v1.0

Information: This mod still in development (WIP) will allow you from another to hide and review the Plumbob, to have money (Motherlode, Rosebud and add 2500$) and can activate and desactivate the cheat code. Authors: Krys29.

Cool Stuff: Shaved Pussy v1.0

Shaved Pussy v1.0

Information: This mod adds shaved pussy and 7 colors of clitoris for your Sims 4. Authors: iondosim.

Cool Stuff: Adult Trait Pack v1.0

Adult Trait Pack v2.0

Information: This mod adds adult trait pack which includes 5 traits: slut, horny, nymphomaniacs, attention whore and quicky getter. Slut. A simple lifestyle trait that can lead to social/love issues but bring a lot of fun in the sheets. Pros -More fun during woohoo -Usually flirty mood -Wants sex/flirt often Cons -Social problems -Fun decays […]

Cool Stuff: Get to College v1.0

Get to College v1.0

Information: Do you want to go to university? If you do want to, download the University mod! This adds three majors to the game, each with their own unique goals. The majors are: Physical Education, Fine Arts and Music! Requires Get To Work and version 1.9.80 of the game. Features: Add three new venues, Physical […]

Cool Stuff: Inventory Cleaner v1.0

Inventory Cleaner v1.0

Information: This mod will remove all items from your active sim’s inventory and add the value to the household funds. Authors: SimtasticWorld.