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  • More Logical Cooking v1.0

    More Logical Cooking v1.0

    Information: This is an overhaul of (almost) all of the base game cooking ingredients and recipes, to make cooking more logical: Group meals now require 4 / 8 times as many ingredients as single meals (no more party-size salads made from one tomato) They also cost 4 / 8 times as much Snacks now cost […]

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  • Genetic Transfusion v1.0

    Genetic Transfusion v1.0

    Information: The Willow Creek Hospital is proud to announce a new service for same-sex couples: Genetic Transfusion! Advancements in science have allowed us to merge the genes of any two sims, giving everyone the opportunity to have their own genetic children. No pregnancy needed! Just apply for a genetic transfusion on any computer (under the […]

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  • Same-Sex Pregnancy Mod v2.0

    Same-Sex Pregnancy Mod v2.0

    Information: This enables the “try for baby” interaction on beds for same-sex couples (it’s only enabled on beds for now, but I’ll consider adding the other woohoo locations in a future patch). The following issues from other same-sex pregnancy mods have been fixed: Only one sim will get pregnant—it’s the sim who initiates the interaction […]

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  • Trick and Treat! mod v2.0

    Trick and Treat! mod v2.0

    Information: With this mod, the Trick! and Treat! interactions return with complete functionality. They work smoothly, with the interactions and Moodlets intact. The calendar icon will no longer appear, and they won’t appear on the front menu as often. You can still find them in the Friendly (Treat) and Mischief (Trick) menus. Authors: Zerbu.

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  • Survivor Trait v1.0

    Survivor Trait v1.0

    Information: Being a survivor is not only about being athletic and strong, you have to be quick-witted too. Your sim learns survival skills faster than any other. Survivor trait can be found under Lifestyle category. Authors: PastelSims.