Cool Stuff: Gum Jabbars CAS

Gum Jabbars CAS

Copy the package file to your mod folder and use in CAS the property “active” for your new sim voila…

Cool Stuff: The Sims 4 – Mosaic Censor Grid Remover / Nude Patch

The Sims 4 - Mosaic Censor Grid Remover Nude Patch

This “Mosaic Censor Grid Remover / Nude Patch” removes the mosaic in ‘The Sims 4′ that you see when your Sim gets undressed like when taking a bath. Please make sure that you have not installed another Nude Patch / Mosaic Remover or a older version of this mod. If this is the case you […]

Cool Stuff: Sex Slave Set v1.0

Sex Slave Set v1.0

Information: This sex slave set is dedicated to ancient Egyptian slaves and includes: thongs, bands for legs and cover for breast. Authors: biondosim.

Cool Stuff: Bad Grades are OK! v1.0

Bad Grades are OK! v1.0

Information: This mod allows children to slack off without having to worry about that dreaded social worker coming and taking them from their families! Teens never had to worry about failing. They don’t have any consequences but children would be yanked from the household as soon as they could! Now with this mod you don’t […]