Cool Stuff: Get Naked for WooHoo

Get Naked for WooHoo

This mod will make your Sims get naked when going to WooHoo. They may stay naked even after it. EA added many features of this mod, including keeping naked on many situations.

Cool Stuff: LoveHoney Toys

LoveHoney Toys

Wall and floor dildos, stamina rings, and vibrators 22 regular colors 7 neons for the wall and floor dildos

Cool Stuff: Ball Gag & Anal Beads!

Ball Gag & Anal Beads!

Disabled for random. Recoloring/Retexturing/Converting allowed (Please give me credit and tag me!) Each come in a few different colors. Female teen – elder. Found in ‘accessories.’

Cool Stuff: Sins everywhere

Sins everywhere 1

EDGE Vibrating Stamina Ring G-Spot Silicone Dildo Suction Cup Dildo, standing and wall versions Dream Bullet Vibrator