Cool Stuff: Better Camera Mods v1.0

Better Camera Mods v1.0

Information: Similar to Aikea Guinea’s and cmomoney’s Sims 3 camera mods, this mod removes the drift from the live/build mode and tab mode cameras, and it increases both cameras’ ranges, enabling them to go down to much lower levels than EA standard. It also attempts to reduce the overall bounciness that occurs whenever you pan […]

Cool Stuff: No Auto PC v1.0

No Auto PC v1.0

Information: This mod will prevent autonomous use of PC. So now you can have computers and still get your sims to do other things. Authors: Lodakai.

Cool Stuff: Autonomous Repairs v1.0

Autonomous Repairs v1.0

Information: This is new mod for sims 4 that enables ordinary Sims to autonomously repair broken objects and scavenge in trash piles. Authors: Mrclopes.

Cool Stuff: Nude Female Skin v1.0

Nude Female Skin v1.0

Information: We represent you nude female skin for Sims 4. With this mod your female sims will look very natural, with realistic nipple shape and genitals. You do not need to choose special skin features or clothing to have this. Just be sure to download INVISIBLE CLOTHING FOR SIMS 4 V1.0 (you will find it […]

Cool Stuff: Babies For Everyone v1.0

Babies For Everyone v1.0

Information: This mod will add babies for everyone including: lesbian pregnancy, gay pregnancy, elder pregnancy, male pregnancy, reverse pregnancy. So go and have fun making those babies! Authors: AgonistAgent.

Cool Stuff: No Mosaic / Nude Mod for The Sims 4 v1.0

No Mosaic / Nude Mod for The Sims 4 v1.0

Information: This mod for sims 4 removes the mosaic / censor grid that appears over your Sim when they; Shower Use the toilet Breastfeed Streak It works for all ages. Have fun Authors: Moxiemason.