Appearance: Long Elegant Hair v1.0

Long Elegant Hair v1.0

Information: Log elegant hair for female with 22 colors + 7 additional ombre colors. Authors: Nightcrawler Sims.

Appearance: Skintone v2.0

Skintone v2.0

Information: New face and body skintone for all ages and genders. It comes in 5 different shades + asian version. Authors: Pralinesims.

Appearance: Long Wavy Hair v3.0

Long Wavy Hair v3.0

Information: Long wavy hair for for female, teen through elder, 18 colors included. Authors: Cazy.

Appearance: Shiny Skintones v1.0

Shiny Skintones v1.0

Information: This is a shiny/glossy skintone, there are 2 versions, A and B. A is a Tan version with the alpha texture 80%, B is darker than version A with the alpha texture 70%. You can see all the new style and details from all over the skintone, the face, the clavicle, chest, abdomen, back, […]