Appearance: Hair Buns v1.0

Hair Buns v1.0

Information: Hair buns for sims 4 ladies. It comes in 18 colors. Works with hats. Authors: Anto.

Appearance: Plump Boobs v1.0

Plump Boobs v1.0

Information: Plum boobs mod makes your sims clevage look very realistic and sexy. It can be found in Skin Details. Authors: cctreasuretrove.

Appearance: Medium Straight Hair v2.0

Medium Straight Hair v2.0

Information: Medium straight hair with 24 colors, works with hats, comes with custom thumbnail Authors: Nightcrawler Sims.

Appearance: Pectacular male nipple v1.0

Pectacular male nipple v1.0

Information: Pectacular, a new replacement nude top for your male sims. Includes nipples as well as various mesh edits to make male bodies look less square/rectangular and more oblique. Authors: Lumialoversims.

Appearance: Tattoos Set v5.0

Tattoos Set v5.0

Information: This mod is: standalone 4 swatches available for all skins overlay Authors: Salem2342.

Appearance: Fancy Hairstyle v1.0

Fancy Hairstyle v1.0

Information: Fancy hairstyle for Sims 4. It includes 18 colors, teen through elder. Authors: Stealthic.