• Accessories
  • Hair Band v1.0

    Hair Band v1.0

    Information: Whether your female has short or long hair, this beautiful hair band accessory will make her look exclusive. Authors: Jennisims.

  • Accessories
  • Silver Set v1.0

    Silver Set v1.0

    Information: This silver set includes 11 clothings and accessoires items: Your sims can wear it everyday, as lingerie, bikini or tankini, or as normal clothing, at a party, a formal event, the gym. All items you can see in the picture. Authors: Devilicious.

  • Accessories
  • Nail Polish v1.0

    Nail Polish v1.0

    Information: This mod adds nail polish v1.0 instead of gloves. The author used gloves as a base to create 25 beautiful colors, changed flags to everyday, party, formal, sleep and sport. This is a standalone item and can be found in Accessories – Gloves. Authors: Devilicious.