Pets: Dog House v2.0

Dog House v2.0

Information: This mod adds very nice home for your lovely pet- outside dog house. Authors: Water Woman.

Pets: Bed for Pets v1.0

Bed for Pets v1.0

Information: Lovely little bed for your pets. Make your little best friends happy! Authors: Kiolometro2.

Pets: Pet House v1.0

Pet House v1.0

Information: This mod adds a built-in pet house for the area under the staircase. It can also be used on normal walls. There are two door sizes, the smaller one is suitable for families that have only little dogs or cats. Authors: LilyOfTheValley.

Pets: Creamy Cat v1.0

Creamy Cat v1.0

Information: This is adult, male, long hair creamy cat. This cat is very lovely, smart and adventurous. It has biscuit/brown color. Authors: Xrinna.

Pets: Persian Cat v1.0

Persian Cat v1.0

Information: This is male, adult persian cat. This lovely cat is playful, independent and noisy. Authors: LuckyFortune.

Pets: Set for Pets v1.0

Set for Pet v1.0

Information: Useful, very romantic set for pets. There are 2 small beds and 2 large beds. The bowl can be fit together as shown or it can be used separately. The large beds have slots for pillows to make it look more realistic. Also there is realistic paw rug, chew toy, pets toy box. Make […]

Pets: Puppy v1.0

Puppy v1.0

Information: Beautiful, playful, adorable puppy for your sims 3! Authors: SimsinSpring.

Pets: Dog v1.0

Dog v1.0

Information: This dog is looking for new home! Download and adopt this cute, loyal and friendly dog. This dog is also intelligent and playful, active, dominant, and brave. It will bond with your family, but is not unfriendly toward strangers. Make this dogs life better and happier and and his dog will be thankful for […]