• Cool Stuff
  • Adult Career Pack 1.2

    Adult Career Pack 1.2

    Information: We represent you adult career pack for Sims 3. With this mod your sims can join porn industry career: porn star branch or porn tycoon branch, also become prostitute at the hideout. For teens they can try themselves in part time jobs: amateur porn – sign up for SimsTube.com at the hideout. Authors: Dudeyochill.

  • Decor
  • Winter Collection v1.0

    Winter Collection v1.0

    Information: This winter collection includes 12 items: blankets, mugs, winter paintings, pine cone wreath, hanging decor, thermo bottles(2 choices), snowman lamp, tray, fireplace, ice skating boots, branch vases. Authors: SIMcredible.

  • Packs
  • Cars Set v2.0

    Cars Set v2.0

    Information: This mod adds 4 exclusive cars to your vehicle collection. What kind of cars include this cars set you can see in the picture. Authors: Craftsle.