Outside: Sandpit v1.0

Sandpit v1.0

Information: Very nice sandpit for your sims 3 children!It is fully functional. Children can play in this sandbox and increase their mood. Authors: Danjaley.

Outside: Strawberry Plant v1.0

Strawberry Plant v1.0

Information: I this mod you will find: strawberry seed, strawberry fruit, (new mesh and texture) it also works as a seed, strawberry plant, strawberry pie- requires 4 level of cooking skill. Available interactions are: harvest, plant, water, eat fruits and etc.-same as all plants, also you can make strawberry pie from strawberries. Should work on […]

Outside: Plant v1.0

Plant v1.0

Information: This plant produces many ingredients for you. You can harvest random vegetables, fruits and even a meat! With such a big variety of ingredients produced by this plant will let you cook many recipes. What is special about this plant that it can produce random cook books which can help you to gain cooking […]