• Furniture
  • Penis Bed v1.0

    Penis Bed v1.0

    Information: The erotic concept of the double bed in phallic style. Actually phallic style appeared in ancient times in Ancient Rome, India, China and some other countries which had the ancient civilization. And so this bed is not just the simple object with the set of functionality. It’s the philosophical approach to the art, and […]

  • Decor
  • Hi-Tech Goodies Set v1.0

    Hi-Tech Goodies Set v1.0

    Information: This Hi-Tech Goodies Set includes 11 items: coffee stuff, ceiling lamp, cupcakes, coffee maker, cushions, pens holder, bookcase, floppy disk table, mat, cursor pointer table, chair. Authors: Simcredible.

  • Furniture
  • Dinning Room v7.0

    Dinning Room v7.0

    Information: Lovely, elegant and traditional dinning room set which includes 8 items: paintings, sideboard, dinning chair, cupboard, decorative vase with flowers, mirror, dinning table, decorative LOVE sing. Authors: Spacesims.

  • Furniture
  • Elegant Bathroom v1.0

    Elegant Bathroom v1.0

    Information: This is beautiful and elegant bathroom set which includes 15 items: bathtub, side table, 2 different sinks, stool, towel rack, wall mirror, table mirror, wall sconce luxury divider, shelf. There are tree variations of bathroom: it comes in white, black or dark wood colors. Enjoy! Authors: ShinoKCR.

  • Furniture
  • Hello Kitty Bedroom v1.0

    Hello Kitty Bedroom v1.0

    Information: Very beautiful and colorful Hello Kitty bedroom set for sims 3 girls. In this set you will find 14 items: Hello Kitty chair, table, office desk, Hello Kitty laptop, mirror, blanket, 2 different types of end table, Hello Kitty rug, wall clock, loveseat, single bed, curtains, cushion. Authors: Kardofe.

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  • Exotic Bathroom v1.0

    Exotic Bathroom v1.0

    Information: This mod adds a lovely exotic bathroom set, which includes 21 items: 2 different Bathtubs, shower, sink in 3 parts, large wall mirror, ceiling light, wall shelf, divider, coffee table, decorative cosmetics (suncare cream, mens stuff, moistening creme), bottle with bath soap, painting, vase, vase with palmleaf, palm bowl, towel stacked, towel rack. Authors: […]

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  • Restroom v1.0

    Restroom v1.0

    Information: Lovely restroom set which includes 7 items: oilet, sink, mirror, rug, decorative toilet brush, ceiling lamp and decorative towel. Authors: Angela.

  • Furniture
  • Modern Bedroom v1.0

    Modern Bedroom v1.0

    Information: This room is specially designed for sims who love modern. This modern bedroom set includes 12 items: bed with headboard integrated, dressing dresser tjere is the sliding doors, dresser wall, decorative bow stock table, ceiling light only for beam, modern lounge chair, plant, table lamp, small table lamp. Authors: Jomsims.

  • Furniture
  • Nice Living Room v1.0

    Nice Living Room v1.0

    Information: Nice living room set with modern interior. This mod includes 8 items: living room chair, throw, coffee table, floor lamp, rug, fireplace, loveseat, cushions. Authors: Spacesims.