• Decor
  • Hi-Tech Goodies Set v1.0

    Hi-Tech Goodies Set v1.0

    Information: This Hi-Tech Goodies Set includes 11 items: coffee stuff, ceiling lamp, cupcakes, coffee maker, cushions, pens holder, bookcase, floppy disk table, mat, cursor pointer table, chair. Authors: Simcredible.

  • Decor
  • Winter Collection v1.0

    Winter Collection v1.0

    Information: This winter collection includes 12 items: blankets, mugs, winter paintings, pine cone wreath, hanging decor, thermo bottles(2 choices), snowman lamp, tray, fireplace, ice skating boots, branch vases. Authors: SIMcredible.

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  • Picnic Set v1.0

    Picnic Set v1.0

    Information: This is picnic set which includes 15 items: candle, cutlery, cushion, mushroom bowl, watermelon slice, big picnic basket, picnic stool, plate, donuts, picnic chair, fruit skewers, donuts pile. Authors: SIMcredible.

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  • Starbucks Set v1.0

    Starbucks Set v1.0

    Information: This mod adds Starbucks set for sims 3 game. This set includes 77 items! Few of them you can see in the pictures below. Have fun with this mod! Authors: Mensure.

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  • Burgers v1.0

    Burgers v1.0

    Information: Everyone loves burgers! So this time we represent you edible burger set. In this set you will find 14 burgers and 7 Togo boxes. Authors: One Billion Pixels.