Cool Stuff: WooHoo = Fucking v1.0

WooHoo = Fucking v1.0

Information: This mod works the same as the original no WooHoo mod found here, except instead of “Have Sex” we have replaced any and all words with WooHoo in them to “Fuck”, or “Fucking” Authors: joninmobile.

Cool Stuff: Clitoris piercing v1.0

Clitoris piercing v1.0

Information: Most people find clit piercings to be very sexy also its great stimulant for your sims. You can access clitoris piercing at the Accessories section. No expansions are needed. Authors: Schrubbdiwupp.

Cool Stuff: Bondage Frame v1.0

Bondage Frame v1.0

Information: This bondage frame provides fun for those Sims that enjoy some kink activities Just place some frames around the Lot to let adults use the furniture to have some fun. Sims will be able to view the current person using the frame and they will automatically receive the “Attractive Company” moodlet for 1 hour. […]

Cool Stuff: Adult Career Pack 1.2

Adult Career Pack 1.2

Information: We represent you adult career pack for Sims 3. With this mod your sims can join porn industry career: porn star branch or porn tycoon branch, also become prostitute at the hideout. For teens they can try themselves in part time jobs: amateur porn – sign up for at the hideout. Authors: Dudeyochill.

Cool Stuff: Morphing Nipples v1.0

Morphing Nipples v1.0

Information: Default replacement nude tops for females ages teen, adult/YA, and elder, with 3D nipples that can be morphed to give individual sizes and shapes. Features: There are two sliders located in the Mouth / General Settings section of the Appearance tab in CAS: Nipple size – overall size Nipple depth – the erectness or […]

Cool Stuff: Harvestable Coconut Palm v1.1

Harvestable Coconut Palm v1.1

Information: This mod requires CCLoader. This mod contains a harvestable Coconut Palm that produces Coconuts. You can directly drink the Coconut Water, or use the Coconut as ingredient for two new recipes Chocolate Coconut Cookies and Coconut Muffins. Authors: Douglasveiga.

Cool Stuff: Natural Nude Skin v1.0

Natural Nude Skin v1.0

Information: This download gives your female Sims a new nude skin. It will replace the EA Standard-Skins (Barbie Skins). Authors: Masc.

Cool Stuff: Reheat Food in Microwave v1.0

Reheat Food in Microwave v1.0

Information: This mod adds a custom “Microwave” interaction to food objects that lets sims reheat the food in a microwave. Authors: Icarus_allsorts.

Cool Stuff: The Sims 3 Mod Manager v1.0

The Sims 3 Mod Manager v1.0

Information: This application lets you enable/disable mods (.package files). You can install newly downloaded mods by selecting them with the open file dialog, dragging them to the appropriate list, or by scanning your harddrive(s) for .package files. It also checks .zip files and extracts .package files automatically. Authors: Emmery Chrisco.