Accessories: Hairstyle Set v2.0

Hairstyle Set v2.0

Information: This hairstyle set includes 3 items. Hairstyle for female, child through elder. 2 shapes with 2 types of highlight/ombre, all LODs included. Can be found under hair with accessory category. Authors: Cazy.

Accessories: Choker v2.0

Choker v2.0

Information: This is close-fitting necklace worn on the neck. Choker is made from metal. There are two recolorable channels. Authors: Leah Lillith.

Accessories: Diamond Earrings v1.0

Diamond Earrings v1.0

Information: This mod adds lovely, luxury, diamond earrings. Diamond earrings are a subtle way to inject glamour and sparkle into any look. Authors: Beo.

Accessories: Metal Choker v1.0

Metal Choker v1.0

Information: This mod adds luxury accessory- metal choker. It is beautiful and a great detail will make you gorgeous. Authors: Leah Lillith.

Accessories: Ponytail v1.0

Ponytail v1.0

Information: Very elegant and soft ponytail. It is suitable for young adults and adults. Authors: Peggy.

Accessories: Feather Earrings v1.0

Feather Earrings v1.0

Information: This mod adds very nice feather earrings. It is suitable for teen, young adult-adult, elder. There are 4 recolorable channels. Authors: Tifaff7.